WePresent WGA-310 Wireless Presentation Tool


Auto-latency control – Automatically switch between interactive and video modes for best user experience; HDMI and VGA dual interfaces – Support 720p resolution on any display through standard HDMI output; 4-to-1 Plus – Up to 30fps full/quadrant screen projection for Windows/Mac/Android/iOs devices; SNMP Manager – Manage and configure multiple WGA-310 device(s) settings through friendly tool.


The WePresent WGA-310 is a powerful device that enables you to have a wireless presentation that you never experienced before! You can throw your presentations wireless from a Notebook, Macbook, Tablets or even Smartphones to any outputs! The WGA-310 can be connected to any TV, display or projector with HDMI or VGA connection. Output can be set up to 1440×900 (VGA) and 1280×720 (HDMI, 720p).

When wired or wirelessly connected to your network, it support internet connection and projection from all network computers. The WePresent WGA-310 also has 2 USB-ports available. With this you can connect any USB mouse/keyboard to control your presentation in front of the big screen.


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