2/4 Channel Matrix Digital Mixer Amplifier

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Provide regional for power amplification PA system, it is suitable for clubs, venues, shopping malls and other places with PA system that require multi-channel high-power digital power amplifiers.


* 120W/240W constant impedance and voltage high performance digital power amplifier (4-16Ω/100V) with 2/4 channel outputs.

* Built-in MP3 recording function.

* 6-channel independent volume control.

* 6-channel audio sources can be input to each channel output through matrix configuration.

* INPUT 1-4 with adjustable gain.

* 2/4-channel outputs support independent power amplifier tone adjustment.

* Support 4 remote microphone inputs.

* Built-in MP3 (U disk/SD card) player function.

* Built-in FM radio function.

* Adopt 2.4-inch high-grade TFT display.

* 2/4-channel outputs support the remote panel control.

* Distortion, protection, signal, output status indicator.

* INPUT 1-4 channels support phantom power.

* 1-4 Channels enjoy priority and mixing selection function.

* Enjoy priority input port of EMC alarm sound source.

* ALARM port to play the specified alarm track.

* Built-in Bluetooth function and external high-gain Bluetooth antenna to connect to mobile phones / computers.

* 2/4-channel MUTE ports can be connected to the fire control port.



T-2120UC, T-2240UC, T-4120UC, T-4240UC


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